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Posted by magineadmin Posted on Mar - 08 - 2011

Packaging not only helps to sell a product by making the product look appealing, but it serves the purpose of adequately protecting its contents and, in the case of food products, maintaining shelf life and ensuring safe consumption.

Prac-Pak specialises in converting primary flexible materials such as polypropylene, cellulose film and PET/PE laminates into packaging products for the food and retail market with the above packaging pre-requisites firmly in mind.

The manufacturing process, from start to finish, is strictly controlled and conforms to the exacting and rigorous health and safety standards required by the food and pharmaceutical industries in general, including South Africa’s largest and most demanding food retailers.

Custom products are created to suit our clients’ specific needs and volumes, and include items such as bags, discs, pouches, sachets, rolls and sheets – printed or plain.

In addition to standard packaging, Prac-Pak also provides a range of biodegradable flexible packaging for the environmentally conscious, making them one of the first companies in South Africa to do so.

To find out how we can help you with your packaging needs, please drop us a line or give us a call.


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